Family Therapy

Parenting is extremely challenging. Before having kids, I never understood when someone said I wouldn’t have time to take a shower! Now that I have lived it, I understand parenting from several perspectives.

Whether you are a single parent, are co-parenting or are in a partnership raising children, I can assist you in navigating the various parenting styles. Although parenting is stressful, and we often have very different ways of raising our children, I work with couples on finding a healthy balance.

I also work with parents who have autistic children. With autism rates now at 1 out of 88 in California, we are experiencing an epidemic. While divorce rates are over 50% in California, couples with an autistic child suffer from substantial stress to their marriage, friendships and careers. The divorce rate with these couples can reach 80%. I can advise you on services for your child as well as helping you emotionally through a difficult time.