About Therapy

Psychotherapy, or talk therapy, is a treatment for mental or emotional issues through conversing with another person. In other words, therapy sessions give you the tools to work through mental and emotional trauma without the use of prescription drugs. Psychotherapy is different from psychiatry which utilizes prescription medications to treat mental disorders.


Issues discussed in therapy are held in the strictest of confidence with the exception of very specific situations. State law requires that I report child abuse, elder abuse, suicidality or serious threats of physical violence toward another person. All mental health clinicians are required to take whatever steps necessary to prevent a threatened suicide. If I need to consult with another professional, this could only be done with your written consent.

Frequency and Length of Sessions

Sessions are usually 50 minutes in length, once a week. Sometimes it may be best, considering a client’s therapeutic needs, to meet more often. Couples and family sessions usually last one hour or longer depending on the needs of the clients. Groups are typically 1.5 – 2 hours.

How Long Will I Be In Treatment?

Length of treatment varies from client to client. Some clients come in with one certain issue and may need only a few sessions. Some clients are seeking long-term therapy. We will work together to set goals and discuss treatment length.

Cancellation Policy

I have a 24 hour cancellation policy. This means you are required to cancel a session within 24 hours or my full fee will be charged.


My full fee is $200/hour. I do use a sliding scale if necessary and am happy to discuss this with you. Payment is to be made at the end of each session.

Are We A Good Fit?

It is very important to feel comfortable with your therapist. When looking for a therapist, make sure you feel that you can openly discuss your issues and concerns with them. If we are not a fit, I will be happy to give you referrals to other therapists.


I am no longer accepting insurance but will provide clients with a superbill.

Additional Certifications

I am in the process of getting certified as a sex therapist and I am EMDR trained.

Rebecca Ishida, MA, MFT

Rebecca Ishida, Ma, Mft

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