Rebecca Ishida, MA, MFT

Rebecca Ishida is a licensed marriage and family therapist based in Los Angeles, California, and has practiced for the past 20 years (license #MFC36895). Specializing in relationship therapy, cognitive behavior therapy, addiction treatment, and co-dependency issues, she’s helped countless individuals, couples and families through some of the most trying periods of their lives. She considers it an honor to work with clients who suffer from anxiety, depression and trauma and to actively listen, use her sense of humor and emotionally-focused therapy methods with those in need.

Rebecca’s compassionate treatment education began 25 years ago, when she began as an intern at the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center. From there, she held internships at both the Hollywood YMCA and the HELP Group.

After discovering a real need for sex addiction treatment while working at Kaiser Permanente in the chemical dependency program, Rebecca sought training in sex addiction treatment. She worked at the top sex addiction clinics in Los Angeles such as the Center for Healthy Sexuality, and the Sexual Recovery Institute.

Rebecca has also served as a supervising therapist on the show Bad Sex on Logo TV. She also has worked at several rehabilitation centers such as Kaiser Permanente Chemical Dependency Program, Clearview Treatment Programs and Forward Recovery.

If you are suffering from emotional or psychological issues and are in need of honest, compassionate, and respectful treatment through therapy, contact Rebecca Ishida for a consultation.

Rebecca Ishida, MA, MFT

Rebecca Ishida, Ma, Mft

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