Separation and Divorce Counseling

Even with couples’ counseling and therapy, some relationships reach their breaking point and must end in either a separation or divorce. Sometimes this painful decision is based on a couple falling out of love or evolving in different ways as individuals, and sometimes it is the product of more serious circumstances, like affairs, addictions, or abuse. Whatever the cause, separation and divorce are emotionally and psychologically taxing and result in the need to make difficult decisions for yourself and your family.

Grief and feelings of loss can be overwhelming during this time and people around you may not be able to support you in the way in which you need them. Separation or divorce counseling can help with grieving and making healthy, sensible decisions for you and your family. When you are so clouded in grief and pain, it is helpful to have a therapist who can assist you in navigating these murky waters. Whether navigating this as an individual or as a couple, separation and divorce counseling can help. Along with assisting you with your grieving process, we can also work together to develop healthy co-parenting habits and plans. As a single mother myself, I understand this process firsthand.