Improving Our Relationships

Working with couples who feel stuck and are open and willing to work to solve their relationship conflicts is one of the most rewarding parts of my job. I work with all types of couples and have experience working with married, unmarried, biracial, bicultural and same-sex couples.

The majority of my practice is working with couples. I work with clients who want premarital counseling as well as those seeking to improve their marriage. I also work with non-traditional relationships such as polyamory and couples who are long-term but choose to remain unmarried.

Relationships are a journey and we often find that as life happens and we experience transitions, our relationships can suffer. Empathy, compassion and communication can be restored in your relationship. It sometimes takes an outside party to aid in bringing you together and help to improve communication and renew that bond.

I offer a safe, honest and open environment to work through your conflicts. As a therapist, I serve as the objective party, and can act as a translator for what is happening in your relationship. Because being in a relationship can bring up lots of unresolved issues from childhood, I explore family histories and communication styles to help you find ways to communicate with each other in a healthy and empathetic fashion. Often we find we have very different ways of resolving conflict. I can help couples communicate more effectively and with more empathy.

I use a variety of techniques that help couples look into their past to understand their patterns of intimacy and also look to the present and future to make changes using cognitive behavioral techniques. I often utilize the methods of Emotionally Focused Therapy which aims to help patients understand their emotions and manage them effectively to improve their relationships with friends and family.