Love Addiction

Love addiction is also a serious problem and an addiction as well. It can be defined as being obsessed with a person, fantasy or relationship and mistaking it for love. It can look different in different people. Love addicts fear abandonment and yearn for connection.

This pursuit of connection becomes the love addict’s obsession and they can lose themselves in relationships. They often lack a sense of self and hope to get all their needs met in a relationship. They can neglect self-care, abandon friends and hobbies. They can get lost in romantic fantasy and delusion.

Recovery is possible, but one cannot do it alone.

To begin successful love addiction treatment, it is imperative that you abstain from romantic and sexual relationships. This will give us time to focus of the underlying issues that have led to your addiction, like drug or alcohol dependency or childhood abuse or abandonment. From there, we can work together on a love addiction treatment plan that will set you up for successful future relationships.

With a consistent, realistic, and honest love addiction treatment plan, you can learn to set appropriate boundaries in relationships and achieve genuine love and intimacy. You will feel calmer and less stressed and will embrace self-love as well as the love of others.

Support groups, treatment, therapy and 12 Step Meetings can help. Intervention and treatment help love addict in getting honest, stopping the acting out behavior and moving toward healthy intimacy.